Are You Watching Your "Thought" Intake?

by DavalosMcCormack on July 31, 2009

I was watching the news, which reminded me of the beginning of a Beatles song: “I heard the news today… oh boy..”

…and I was thinking about how we don’t consider what we consume in thoughts.  Right – thoughts.  We consider our diets and what is good for us, we consider our fitness and how much exercise we are getting, (well, some of us do)  but do we consider our daily diet of idea intake?

Consider this, how many negative messages are in your daily life?  Do you really need to know about the tragedy that happened in the news, in your favorite soap opera, in the lives of the “rich and famous”?

Is your intake of negative thoughts and ideas permeating the way you look at life in general?  Is it making you fearful, skeptical, or simply anxious?

We are constantly bombarded by messages that we consume without any thought of how they will affect us.  So, I’m suggesting we start being more aware how many outside negative thoughts fill our lives.  I’ve often written about being observers of our own thoughts, but have you considered the ideas and thoughts we are consuming everyday, without ever being aware of them.

Do you have friends that complain about their lives on a regular basis?  Do you watch too many negative programs?  All of these things affect our emotions and our outlook.

So let’s take a little assessment of  our diet of thoughts and ideas and just be aware of what we are accepting into our minds. And then we need to accept that we don’t have to accept them.

We can hit the delete button, we can decide on how much news and what news we want to hear, and we can cut out toxic relationships that don’t help us maintain a balanced approach to life.

It’s up to you, you have the ultimate control on what ideas and thoughts you want to be exposed to.

Balance presents itself in all kinds of ways,  food, thoughts, and exercise.  We really are sentries for our own lives. We can decide who or what gets in and what stays out.  So remember to say- Who goes there?  Be in charge of the messages that enter your mind.

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