Workout Wednesday – Your Own Personal Triathlon

by DavalosMcCormack on June 17, 2009

As Shirley already told you – I hate when she beats me to stuff – over the weekend we went to watch the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon. It was amazing to watch people of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes swim, bike and run more than 27 miles.

It got me thinking that we could all do our own triathlons to stay in shape. I don’t mean competing, I just mean swimming, riding a bike, running. These are all things we can do, individually as it were, so why not do them in combination.

After all, it’s summer. If you are not going to go swimming in summer then when are you going to go? You can go in a friend’s pool – if you are fortunate enough to have friends who have a swimming pool. You can go in the ocean or a lake or a river or even just the local public pool. The point is, wherever you go, it’s great exercise.

Other days you can just jump on your bike and go for a ride. It doesn’t have to be a 100 mile ride that taxes every part of your body and your being. It might just be a little jaunt through the park, or even a cycle down to the shops to pick up some groceries. The point is just to get on your bike and peddle away.

And of course running needs almost no equipment other than a good pair of shoes and some shorts and a t-shirt. If you are running on the beach you can even do without the shoes, though probably not the shorts and t-shirt. You don’t want to scare the fish after all.

So, while it’s not exactly the Ironman triathlon (swim 2 miles, ride 100, run 26) it still gets different parts of the body working out in different ways.

Who knows, you might find you enjoy it so much you want to try a real triathlon. Just don’t blame me!

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