Wednesday Workout – Rock Hard Abs

by DavalosMcCormack on June 24, 2009

I have to admit, my body type is not long-waisted, slim with a lovely flat, sculpted stomach and abs that rock! I was gifted with a body that comes in two pieces.  I have a broad back with wide ribcage and a stomach that makes itself apparent!  It’s not horrible and I’ve seen worse, but gee, couldn’t I just once have a flat stomach!

So I started really focusing on this problem area.  Kevin says you really can’t spot reduce, but I just can’t believe that.  Why do they have all those exercises for abs then?

Here’s what I found out about the best exercise for abs.  Diet!Yes, really, for some people the stomach area is a plethora of fat and I don’t care how many ab crunches, bent knee abdominal hip raises, leg lifts, or hanging knee lifts you do, if you have fat covering all those lovely muscles, you simply will not see fine sculpted abs.

The remedy is watch what you eat. Yeah, that again!

Cut out fat, sweet, salty foods; add fiber like broccoli, leafy vegetables and fruit, look out for those carbs, eat fresh things….blah, blah, blah.  You know what I’m talking about.

It turns out that Kevin knows what he is talking about! Who knew?

Here’s the deal, it’s the overall tone of your body that will finally get around to your problem area.  For instance, I just happen to naturally store my fat in my lower stomach area and my back.  So if I lose weight I have to take it off my overall body in order to get to these final storage areas.  See?

When all of that is working, my cardio, my stretching, my diet, then the abs exercises I do will really begin to make a difference.

Nothing worth anything is easy, but if you realize that health is an overall body focus it actually makes more sense and gives you some incentive to practice good choices in what you eat, what you do for exercise and you get a clearer understanding of how the body works.

So here’s your Wednesday Workout:

Begin by lying on a mat on your back with your hands at your sides and your knees bent.

Raise your feet two inches off the floor. Bring your pelvis up and your knees up toward your chest, contracting your abdominals and hold for a two second count. Return to the start position and repeat.

Do this exercise slowly, there should be no back pain, if there is you are not doing it correctly.

Slow, deliberate moves with complete concentration is the key to this abdominal exercise.  In the book it says do it until failure!  I guess that means until you just can’t do another!

You will feel those abs changing and sculpting themselves into a washboard stomach you can be proud of.  Here’s the video.

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