Grateful For Having a Cold!

by DavalosMcCormack on June 22, 2009

I saw a cute Get Well card in a store the other day. It showed a woman, her nose red and eyes streaming,  sitting on a couch with a box of tissues by her side. The caption on the card said “having a head cold makes me appreciate small things”, inside the card it read “Like being able to breathe through my nose”.

Having just got over a stinking head cold and sore throat myself,  the card struck a chord. It made me realize that we can find gratitude in even the most unlikely of places.My cold was of the common garden variety; runny nose, not too much sneezing but plenty of snot and coughing. It didn’t lay me out or anything but it did leave me feeling a bit tired and lacking in energy and enthusiasm.

I still managed to go to the gym but did everything at a slightly lower level, and a slower pace than normal.

But while the cold was more of a nuisance and a pain than a serious health issue it did have one very big benefit; it reminded me  how lucky I am to be so healthy most of the time.

Often the only time we truly appreciate something is when we lose it, even temporarily. So it is with health. Normally I feel well in mind and body. So much so that it’s something I tend to take for granted.

Having a cold means you are suddenly and quite snottily reminded that you should never take anything for granted. It comes on suddenly and without warning and you go from fine to blah before you know it.

But while you are stocking up on tissues and pouring yourself yet another cup of hot tea with honey, the cold can also be a reminder that you need to appreciate good health while you can. That just waking up is cause for celebration; getting out of bed without moaning, groaning or aching is even more reason to be happy; and each act throughout the day that you can perform without pain or the need for medication is a blessing.

As my cold slowly waned and I returned to my usual ruddy good health I was left with a much deeper appreciation for how lovely it is to be well, to be able to do all the things I want to do without having to stop and catch my breath or recover from a coughing bout.

Even simple, everyday, things such as being able to smell is such a pleasure when you have been without it for a few days.

Gratitude is one of the most important emotions we can have. It’s a reminder to appreciate all we have, and not to feel deprived by what we lack.

Having a cold is a small price to pay for a deeper appreciation of good health, and a sense of gratitude for a fortunate life.

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