Getting to the source of the pain!

by DavalosMcCormack on June 8, 2009

We were visiting our friends – let’s call them “Joan” and “Ian”, recently when the conversation turned to health issues.   Ian had been suffering from a chronic intestinal problem as well as  a bout with gout (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) and Joan was diagnosed with arthritis in her shoulder.

Now, Joan and Ian are both bright, energetic and optimistic people who do not want to be hampered by these physical ailments.   They were both adamant about getting to the cause of the problems they were developing.  They didn’t want to just cover up the pain with a prescription.  Let’s say, neither one of them will just take a pill for the pain and call it a day!  Here’s what they did.Joan is a big researcher, having been in the news business for some time, and Ian, well, Ian doesn’t accept the idea that “it’s your age”  as good enough answer.  So, after much research on Joan’s part and second and third opinions from a number of doctors – some of whom said “Get thee to surgery!”- Joan finally found a nutritionist who is also a licensed pharmacist, she studied their food habits and  worked out a plan for them.

The nutritionist asked Ian and Joan how serious they were about changing their food patterns  in order to reach their goals.  They said they were willing, serious, and able to change their normal food habits for a healthier life.

Did you hear that?  Let’s say it again.  Ian and Joan were willing to break their “old” habits surrounding food in order to create a healthier body, hopefully free from pain.

The diet was very strict, in general, they had to cut out all inflammatory foods, like; dairy, caffeine, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, red meat, processed foods, including battered and fried foods, MSG, table salt and….I’m sorry to say,  alcohol…like, wine, beer, and mixed drinks.  Guess what happened!

No more pain, no more gout, no more arthritis, bursitis, no more intestinal problems and Joan’s shoulder is just fine thank you!

Yes, it took months but small changes began right away.  Yes, it took a lot of will power because Ian loves dark chocolate and Joan loves her coffee, but living without pain was a pretty good incentive.

Maybe the diet didn’t cure the ailments, but it stopped the inflammation from taking place, so joints and intestines were free to do their work.   They stuck to the diet for a year and Ian lost 20 pounds which was just one of the benefits.

And now, you ask?  Well, the nutritionist said that they might re-introduce foods that they love, a little at a time to see how their bodies react, and then, indulge once in a while  with wine or red meats, but basically Joan and Ian began new habits while on the diet, habits they can live with, plus, they found out that certain foods cause reactions which inflame joints and muscles, not to mention intestines.

It’s amazing isn’t it, how the body can heal if it’s given a chance and the right kind of fuel.

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