How Working Out Bulks Up Your Wallet

by DavalosMcCormack on April 21, 2009

With so many people out of work or fearful of losing their jobs millions of Americans are looking for ways to cut back, to save a little money. Well, here’s a simple suggestion that could not only improve your bottom line, it could also improve your bottom!

Go to the gym.

What! You are probably saying. Gyms cost money, not just the initiation fee to join but also the monthly dues. But if you really think about it, going to the gym could end up saving you money.

Here’s how:

  • By using the gym’s showers and towels and soaps and shampoos you don’t have to use your own at home
  • That means you don’t have to clean your shower at home so often, saving money on cleaning liquids, sponges etc. And saving you time too. Let’s face it, cleaning the shower was never your favorite job anyway.
  • Also you don’t have to launder towels at home saving more money – and if you wear your workout clothes into the shower at the gym you won’t have to launder those either!
  • You won’t have to buy toilet paper as much either.
  • They have cable TV at most gyms so you can watch ESPN or MSNBC or the Cooking Channel and keep up with whatever Rachel Ray is doing without having to pay for it at home. And of course if the show you like to watch is an hour long it also means you work out longer and get in better shape.
  • It’s a great place to catch up on gossip. After  you have showered everyone is standing around chatting about everything from who lost on American Idol or why Lindsay Lohan can’t find true love, where the best new bar is or who a cool new band is. And you don’t have to spend money on People magazine to find out. It’s all free and fresh and current.
  • You get to see naked bodies. In some cases you see some great ones which are an incentive to go to the gym more often so you can look like that. In some cases you see some pretty scary ones which also provide an incentive to go to the gym more often so you can avoid looking like that.
  • You get great ideas for tattoos and piercings and where you really shouldn’t have them!

So you see, going to the gym can save you money.

And you’ll make friends with all the other money-smart folks who are going for the same reason.

And you’ll get in great shape and look much better and be healthier and generally have an amazing glow about you so that people will want to hang around with you and give you a job if you don’t have one or not fire you if you do have one.

Of course, the alternative is to stay home, sit on the couch eating left-overs and watching whatever crap is on TV because you don’t even have basic cable and that leaves you depressed so you start drinking the bottle of cooking sherry which is the only alcohol lying around which makes you feel even worse and by the time you’ve finished that you are too tired to even drag yourself to bed so you fall asleep on the couch and wake up looking like hell and with drool stains all down your shirt and then you start all over again.

Now which one sounds like more fun!

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