Giving Your Doc the Finger

by DavalosMcCormack on April 2, 2009

Don’t you hate it when you make an appointment to see your doctor, you get there on time, check in with the receptionist, sit down, pick up a 6 month old copy of People magazine to catch up on your celebrity gossip and wait. And wait. And wait.

Drives you mad doesn’t it. Sends your blood pressure soaring so that when you do finally get to see the doc and they take your blood pressure it’s high, so they put you on medication to lower a problem you didn’t have until you went to see him or her.

Well, next time that happens just give your doctor the finger. No, really. That’s because there’s a new simple, noninvasive finger sensor that can tell if you are at risk of a major heart attack or problem.

The study was done by researchers at the Mayo Clinic. They tested a finger test device called the EndoPAT. It measures blood flow in the finger tip to determine if cells that line the blood vessels are healthy. The healthier the cells the smoother the blood flows.

But if the cells are not working properly it can be an early indicator of atheroscleroris or hardening of the arteries.

That’s so cool isn’t it.

The test takes about 15 minutes, and involves putting a couple of non-invasive probes – that look like thimbles – on your index fingers. A blood pressure cuff is also placed on one arm and it takes 3 readings over the course of the 15 minutes.

You can just sit there and read while you are waiting.

And maybe the damn doctor can use the time to see some of the other patients they’ve got sitting around in their waiting room!

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