Do You Know What's Lurking In Your Fridge?

by DavalosMcCormack on April 20, 2009

Everybody….back away from your refrigerator!  You will not believe what I just found out about the stuff lurking inside. It’s disgusting!

Every Sunday Kevin and I go to the store to buy groceries for the week.  You know, staples on Sunday and then we supplement during the week with fish, meat, or any dinner entre we feel like cooking.

When we arrive back home Kevin goes through the refrigerator and throws  out old food – stuff we bought during the previous week that is moldy, limp, green, or fuzzy – especially the fuzzy stuff.

Last week he threw out  a lovely tuna salad I had made for lunch just the week before, I thought It was still tasty and good, but Kevin said it was beyond it’s prime.

So this got me to wondering.  When should you toss? Well my dears, get this, the rule of thumb is 2 DAYS! Which makes me want to stand in front of my fridge and say, “But wait!  I paid a lot for that salmon, it’s only been there for 4 days and we’re barb-b-q-ing on Saturday! – No! Not the  salami!  It’s dried!  Wait a minute…those eggs were fresh a month ago!”

Well, you get the picture.  I, an educated, accomplished person did not know that the food in the fridge ages faster than dog years!  Did you?

Here are the facts:  Uncooked poultry, meat, or fish?  2 days, eat it or freeze it within 2 days, because our refrigerators are not as cold as the ones that butchers use so bacteria are able to grow in the warmer environment.

However, you can cook the poultry, meat, or fish and extend the storage length 2 more days, then toss.

What about cold cuts you ask?  If the package is opened and it’s in the fridge, you have 3 to 5 days before Mr. Lysteria enters, which is a bacteria that is known to be dangerous to pregnant women and seniors.

Another thing,  if the package has a “Use By” date, make sure you do not consume the food after that date!

Milk is good for 18 to 20 days and will usually tell you when it’s beyond it’s prime by the smell.  Yogurt, on the other hand  has a life of 7 to 10 days before you should toss it into the garbage.

And how about all those leftovers?  The lovely, upside down cake from Easter, the strawberry short cake makings?  How about that ham that was so wonderful. TWO DAYS!

So friends, my refrigerator is empty, but the worst part?  Kevin was right!  Darn! Kevin is starting on the pantry now.  I say if it’s not dented it’s okay!  Put that Bisquick back! I knew he never liked my dumplings!

We have dietician, Dr. Wendy Bazillion to thank for all this information you can check out these facts and more  in her interview on “Funky Fridge Foods”

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