Broccoli, Your Belly and Why Sports Drinks are Eating Your Teeth

by DavalosMcCormack on April 7, 2009

How many of you out there hate eating broccoli? Raise your hands. Just as I thought. Most of you. After brussels sprouts it’s probably the most hated of veggies.

But now there’s a way you can get all the benefits of broccoli without actually having to eat the nutrition-packed veggie.You can eat broccoli sprouts instead! Now, you might not think there’s much difference between the two but you’d be surprised. Most people can eat the broccoli sprouts without gagging.

And according to a new study in the journal Cancer Prevention Research those sprouts could help you reduce your risk of stomach cancer.

The researchers say that the broccoli sprouts can help suppress infections by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), one of the most common bacterial infections in the world and a leader cause of stomach cancer.

The researchers say eating just 2.5 ounces of the sprouts a day, or at least regularly, can significantly reduce your risk of becoming infected with the H. pylori bacteria.

That’s good news because that in turn may reduce your risk of stomach cancer, which is the second most common and the second deadliest cancer worldwide.

Bet you didn’t know that now did you!

And Speaking of Cancer

Changes in five lifestyle factors could help you reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, according to a study in the May issue of The European Journal of Cancer Prevention.

The researchers reviewed all the available literature and came to the conclusion that making the following changes could substantially reduce your risk of colorectal cancer.

  • Don’t eat more than 3 ounces of red or processed meat per day
  • Consume five or more potions of fruits and vegetables per day
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes five days a week
  • Limit alcohol to 2 drinks per day for men, one for women
  • If you are overweight or obese, lose weight. A lot of it.

How substantial a difference will this make. Well if you are a man you could reduce your risk by 31 percent, women by 18 percent.

Why the difference? Because more men than women currently have a sucky diet and lifestyle so making those changes will benefit them most.

Me. I do four out of the five. That can’t be bad can it?

Sports Drinks are Eating Your Teeth

I remember growing up when all we had to drink after exercise was water. Or beer – but that’s another story. But now a lot of people turn to sports drinks to quench their thirst and replace all the electrolytes and other stuff they’ve just used up.

Turns out those drinks may be great for tackling your thirst, but they’re not so great for your teeth. In fact, they may be destroying them!

New York University dental researchers say sports drinks contain levels of citric acid that can corrode the enamel of your teeth. Not a good thing.

Not only that they can also cause hypersensitivity, staining and even damage the underlying material, leaving your teeth weak and wobbly.

The researchers tested five drinks – Vitamin Water, Life Water, Gatorade, Powerade, and Propel Fit Water. All weakened the teeth but Gatorade and Powerade also stained them.

Now you would think that the best way to  handle this is to drink the sports beverage, and then simply brush your teeth. Right? Wrong. Apparently the beverage makes the enamel on your teeth particularly susceptible to the abrasive properties of brushing and toothpaste, so that actually speeds up the process of wearing them away.

Instead they recommend waiting at least 30 minutes and then brushing.

Or you could just skip the beverage and try water. That works just fine without any side effects.

And in most cases, it’s free!

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