This is Your Cough On TV!

by DavalosMcCormack on March 26, 2009

I have often gone to the gym and worked out on a treadmill,  elliptical, or stair master machine and after working out wiped down the handles and everywhere I have touched, just so the next person doesn’t have to put up with my cooties.

When I work with free weights I’m careful not to touch my face and wash my hands directly after the work out because I don’t want to catch any of those nasty cold germs, left behind by previous users.

Think that doesn’t happen? Well friends, check this out: cold_photograph_settlescold_photograph_settlesThis is an actual photo of the virus and gems that explode out of your mouth and nose when you cough! It’s an amazing picture isn’t it!

It’s done with a technique called Schlieren photography and was used by Professor Gary Settles to show how a cough can spread the cold virus through the air.

Oh, my gosh!  Stand back…wipe down everything!

This type of  photography has been used to see how emissions from cars react with the air.  So it isn’t new, but it is quite amazing to see this visual…consider this:  You are in a bus and someone coughs. Yuck.

So my friends, what have we learned? Don’t go to work sick if you can avoid it. And if you can’t then take your mom’s advice, “Cover your mouth when you cough!”

If someone else is sick then keep enough personal space between you and the cougher.  But wait!  What about the sneeze?  Well, that’s another story.

And speaking of another story.  There was a recent study done by by the American College of Sport Medicine, that shows that exercise my be beneficial to your immune system.  Right!

Now we are not talking about working out when you are too sick and pushing your body too hard, but if you a feeling under the weather, especially at the beginning stages of a cold or flu, exercise increases the endorphins which will automatically help make you feel better and increase your white blood cell count which will fight that nasty virus!

In general, people who exercise tend to catch fewer colds.  In fact, compared to couch potatoes, exercisers catch 50% fewer colds!  So stop whining and start exercising and get those endorphins!  It’s good for you!

How do you know if you should tax your body with a workout?  Experts use “The Neck Rule” – If all your symptoms are located above your neck, like scratchy throat, headache, or stuffy nose, you are good to go for a light workout.  If you are feeling weak and ache in your body, muscles and joints…get to bed, rest sleep and heal.

Work out another day.

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