We Want Danger in Her Name, Not Her Life

by DavalosMcCormack on January 12, 2009

You may be a parent already, I am, and you may be wondering what the future holds and so am I, but guess what?  My daughter just had a baby…. her first child, my first grand daughter. Yes!  She’s a little girl with the wonderful name of Emma Danger (so that one day she’ll be able to say, with a straight face, “Danger is my middle name”!!)

She came into this world early Saturday morning, surrounded by people who already love her. In her short time with us she has already been welcomed and cuddled and cared for and loved by family and friends.

Lot’s of babies are born without that chance.  Lot’s of babies are loved but don’t have that care.  It makes you wonder about how very lucky you are and what  you can do to make this world a better place for every baby that is born.

Many people argue about whether abortion is wrong or right, but what about the babies that are born in conditions which are not healthy, or nurturing, or loving;  who is advocating for them?

If we argue that all babies have a right to life will we also be there for them to make sure they have a life that is full of possibilities? Once a baby is born shouldn’t they have every right to a happy healthy life?

The world is certainly a challenge and shouldn’t we be supporting parents and their children who don’t have the same opportunities we have?

One child at a time.

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