Babies Are the Craziest People!

by DavalosMcCormack on January 1, 2009

So I went to my daughter’s house yesterday.  She was having the midwife, the midwife’s assistant, and the doula over for a little pre-birth chat.  Our baby is due in 2 weeks.  The baby has lot’s of people looking out for her already.  Right, her.  She is named Emma, after her grandmother, Helene, after her father’s grandmother, and her middle name is “Danger”.  It’s better than “Trouble”.

Think of it, it’s a name to grow into – Imagine this sweet young thing about 10 years old saying “Danger is my middle name.”  Makes you want to stand back doesn’t it?  Or maybe suddenly get shadows of venetian blinds across your face – as in every film noir movie ever made.  Yeah…”Danger is my middle name” can work in a number of ways.

But she isn’t even born yet.  We are awaiting her appearance in our realm.  We have little tiny drips of worry about her health.  We want her birth to go well.  We want to hear her cry as she is welcomed into the world.  We want her to do all the things babies do.  But she’s not even born yet.  She’s waiting. She’s forming.  She’s just beginning.

And so aren’t we all.  We hear that each day is a new beginning.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that there are many people who await you and support you and want the best for you?   People who wish you good health and a Happy New Year. People who await your presence and want you to succeed.

Maybe we need to think of making each new day a new beginning, as if it’s all new again and you are seeing those around you for the very first time.

If you think about it, we do have people like that in our lives.  We just get used to them and maybe they get used to us too.  So if it isn’t apparent to you maybe you need to pay a little more attention.

Instead of a routine hello, why not really looking forward to seeing those you love. When I was a kid, every time I came home my mother would greet me with a smile and a hug.  She was glad to see me and she showed me with that warm hug.  Even if I went out to put the garbage out she would notice me when I came back in and smile.  I always felt that she was just a little surprised and very happy to see me.

So maybe as we begin a new year we can adopt a new way of thinking about those we love, a new way of seeing them.  Try it.  You may see a surprise on their face when you do. So try it at home and at work, even on the street.  Wish the best for others and anticipate their success.

We do.

Here’s to Health and Happiness to all our friends, and all those who wish us well, and even those who don’t.
To you, from Kevin and I and Emma Danger – when she appears.

Merry Times &  Happy New Year!

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