Workout Wednesday #2

by DavalosMcCormack on December 10, 2008

All In One

I was at the gym the other day watching this gal workout. No, it wasn’t anything like that. Nothing lewd or sleazy. Honest! Besides, Shirley was standing next to me watching her too. We were both fascinated at how she was combining several exercises in one.

She was standing on one of those BOSU balls – you know the kind, the semi-spherical blue rubber things that are terrific at engaging your core muscles, well check out the link and you’ll understand.

Anyway, she’s standing on the BOSU, with hand weights in her… well, her hands obviously… and then she did a squat, and as she stood up she lifted the weights up over her head in a shoulder press.

Sounds relatively simple, but believe me it’s not. Shirley and I tried it afterwards and it’s a mess of stuff, all at the same time, that taxes your powers of concentration and balance and coordination. We were wobbling about like drunken sailors on a 24 hour leave.
In other words, it’s a great all-in-one exercise.

Why is that good. Well, we’re all busy and if you can pack a bunch of different things into one exercise that’s great because it saves time.

More importantly it makes you work out in a different way. Instead of doing individual exercises – a stomach crunch followed by a leg exercise followed by a shoulder exercise – you do all of those at the same time. That makes you work out harder and keeps your body off balance (an odd thing to say I know when balance is really the key to this)

When you start out doing this use light weights. The first time you try is just a dress rehearsal. You are working on the mechanics, the balance, the rhythm. As you get better at the balance you can increase the size of the weights you use. But believe me, to begin with, most of your efforts are going to be spent on just staying upright.

It’s a great exercise, working your legs, stomach/core muscles and your arms and shoulders. And all at the same time.

When you think about it that’s pretty much how we move. We don’t use one group of muscles in isolation. When we walk everything works together. So this exercise just builds on what you already do naturally.

p.s. from shirl:

Apparently, whatever else the exercise strengthens it doesn’t strengthen your eyesight, because we were watching a man, Kevin!

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