Hypnosis and Anxiety or Just Take a Breath!

by DavalosMcCormack on December 9, 2008

Anxiety and stress seem to be getting a lot of attention in the news lately, or maybe it’s due to the news that stress and anxiety seem to be so prevalent!  Don’t despair,  there are ways to control these toxic feelings instead of being overtaken and ruled by them.

One way to change this emotional tide is hypnosis.  It can relax and sooth while changing the way you look at your problems.  Really!

There are many ways people use hypnosis.  One of the most frequent is to help them overcome anxiety.  Anxiety is a common problem. Most of us suffer from it in one form or another.  Some of us are so overcome by it that it becomes a debilitating force in our daily lives.

It may show up as a formal diagnosis, such as agoraphobia, (fear of leaving the house) panic attack, (fear and high anxiety) or a generalized anxiety disorder or phobia, such as a  low grade feeling that things are not well.

It may have an attachment to our daily lives like going through a divorce, giving up smoking, building a house or going through a medical problem with a family member.

Our bodies continuously experience anxiety, it’s part of living.  We can’t run away from it but we can tame how we react to it.  The level at which we experience anxiety, can be a useful window to our state of mental and physical health.

The built-in response of fight or flight has come in very handy throughout our evolution. Anxiety is the way most of us cope with stress or change.  But sometimes it can be overwhelming, and instead of getting us to perform at a high level it can be debilitating and leave us depressed, afraid and unable to function, unable to take any risk at all for fear something bad may happen.

This is where deep breathing and hypnosis comes to the rescue, because being hypnotized is a very relaxing experience just like deep breathing.

The induction or invitation into the relaxing realm of the hypnotic experience becomes a safe haven from daily challenges.  The hypnotherapist can include additional suggestions for positive imagery and help people create a place where problems can be seen in a different perspective.

Hypnosis can help people overcome their anxiety about giving in to anxiety.  It helps people use their imagination to tap into the valuable experiences used in trance, such as finding respite in a safe landing place, or discuss solutions to problems with an inner adviser or protector.

By quieting the mind people can gain more awareness and understanding and tap into their own subconscious strength and wisdom.

You can do this for yourself if you don’t have a hypnotherapist handy.  How? Breathe, that’s right take a deep breath, I mean deep and slow and now let that cleansing breath out  – slow and easy.

Take another and when you have taken 10 really deep breaths, concentrating on each one, well, my friend you will feel more relaxed and calmer.  It’s not as exciting as having a guide to help you get into that relaxed state, but it works.

Focus, breathe and be calm. Quiet your mind and control anxiety instead of it controlling you.

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