You Have a Choice – What Will You Decide?

by DavalosMcCormack on November 21, 2008

I don’t know her name, but maybe you’ll recognize her.

Young, in her mid twenties dressed for the work day , a jacket that is just trendy enough, maybe one size too small and slacks the same, they probably fit just right when she bought them.

She is careful with her make-up and her hair is freshly styled and streaked with a multitude of subtle colors and highlights that is reminiscent of what they used to call “Honey blonde”.

She’s attractive and one might describe her as “plump”, round, big boned. When did she get that way?

There she is waiting patiently in line at the little coffee bistro around the corner from my apartment, calmly scanning the menu board.

I see her there every once in a while. She must come on a regular basis because the cashier seems to be familiar with her. She always says the same thing as she orders herself a Danish, croissant, or a custard tart, “I’ll have a mocha soy latte and that pastry”

She still has time to change her future. She has time to make a decision as she waits in line perusing the board deciding on her order. I wonder what she thinks about during these moments. Does it ever occur to her that she can say no to the 1000 calories she’s about to take in?

Is she on automatic pilot? Simply following a routine that she has been following till it has become a comforting feeling that encircles and enfolds her, making her feel warm and safe from any challenges she may face as the day unfolds. Does she for one moment think, “Hey! I’m not comfortable in these pants anymore and this jacket used to look so cute on me, but now it’s tight.” Or “Hey! The insides of my my thighs are rubbing together…I hate that!”

No, she is not thinking any of those things because, she, is not thinking. She is the victim of “habit”.

Habits can be good things, like doing the laundry on Tuesdays or inspecting your bike thoroughly before going for a ride. They are something you do because you have a routine and you don’t even think about them and you can complete these tasks without a thought.

But when it comes to food, it’s important to give it some thought. Why? Because the average person will put on 4 lbs of weight over the course of a year, and these are pounds that stay!

So in 20 years you can add 80 lbs to your girth without a thought as to how the hell they got there!

I often wonder how people choose to lose weight, because some do. The problem is, most people don’t “choose” to gain weight – They don’t even think about it. It’s a decision that is never made. It’s simply a habit, coffee and Danish, turkey on a French roll with mayo, soda at your desk.

So do you recognize that young woman? Maybe you see her in the mirror. Maybe it’s not the young woman but a young man – or maybe the future is now and the mirror is telling you you’re on your way to 80 lbs of excess weight.

There’s still time to make a decision before it seems like an overwhelming endeavor . All it takes is to realize you have a “choice”.

Maybe the decision is yours if you want to make it. So next time you’re deciding what you will be eating, think about it. Take control. Make a decision.

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