Red Dress, Cute Shoes, Shame About the Lungs!

by DavalosMcCormack on November 13, 2008

This morning I was walking to an appointment downtown.  Since I work by myself most days I love it when I get a chance  to go downtown and get the feel for the real workforce,  the men and women who toil away in the offices high above the traffic of the streets.  As I was walking across the street to a coffee shop, I noticed a young woman  standing on the corner. She had a really pretty skirt on, it had a lace eyelet hem that was lovely and she was wearing red patent leather shoes, very cool high heeled shoes.  As I took in the fashion assessment I was thinking that she looked really well put together.  “I could use a skirt like that” I thought, I wondered where she got it.  Then I saw her light up.

Pop!  The whole image came crashing down.  Now I thought about how she must smell and then I noticed that her hair and skin didn’t look healthy or shiney.  She stood outside in the cold to finish her cigarette.  It didn’t look as though she was enjoying it, it looked more like a race to get it over and done with.

What a shame. Here she was out in the cold, sucking on a little piece of tobacco.  Who was in charge here, her or the cigarette?

Well, here’s something that may give her some incentive to stop smoking.  A study just conducted by the Deparment of Public Health and the Harvard School of Public Health found that 600 fewer Massachusetts citizens have died from heart attacks each year since smoking was banned in restaurants, public buildings and workplaces and bars. 600. Think about that!

The ban was adopted just 4 years ago!  Here’s the exciting part, from 2003 to 2006 heart attack deaths dropped by 30 percent.  It seems that health benefits of smoking bans have been proven not only in Massachusetts but also in other  communities with strong antismoking laws.

Why should you care, because you don’t smoke you say?  Well, there is a huge amount of scientific evidence showing that even a little second hand smoke can damage the cardiovascular system of non-smokers too.

So the fewer places we encounter smoke the healthier we’ll all be, and due to this study more laws to curb smoking could be implemented, for instance banning the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies, or closing down cigar clubs.

As for the girl, after I saw her smoking she didn’t look quite so sophisticated or healthy and the vision of her beauty was ruined by her sucking on the cigarette…but I still want to know where she got that skirt.

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