How Obama Saved the World and Helped You Lose Weight!!!

by DavalosMcCormack on November 14, 2008

Former Vice President Al Gore used to describe his running style as “start slowly, then taper off.” For a lot of us that’s a pretty good description of our entire approach to exercise. We start a program slowly because we don’t want to burn out, then taper off, and before too long, we’ve stopped.

Now there are many good reasons why we can’t find time to exercise, once in a while. The kids are sick; you have to work late; you hurt your foot; there’s a hot stew and a cold beer waiting for you at home; it’s Tuesday and quite frankly you can’t be bothered. All are perfectly excellent reasons. Once in a while.

The problem comes when once in a while is once in a week, then twice, then three times. Before you know it, once in a while describes how often you actually get out and exercise.

I started thinking about that as I was trying to think of new ways to show how you can motivate yourself to be more active, to exercise more. Then I saw a photo of President-elect Barack Obama playing basketball with his friends during the election campaign. Obama made a point of finding time, as often as he could, of playing basketball or hitting the gym or just exercising somewhere somehow.

It occurred to me that if P-E Obama (an appropriate abbreviation under the circumstances) could find time, during one of the most grueling campaigns in election history, then most of us really don’t have an excuse.

The morning after winning the election Obama had breakfast with his family (and if you are a regular reader of Healthy & Simple you know how important breakfast is) then he went to the gym. Think about that. He had just spent two years campaigning through every state in the U.S., and Alaska – which as we know is almost Russia – and almost the first thing he does on his first day off is hit the gym.

And it’s not just Obama. Look at President Bush. Whatever you may think of his politics or performance as President you cannot deny the man is in great shape. He always found time to workout. Most days he would find time to hit the gym. In his first term he ran regularly and then when his knees gave out he took up mountain biking and frequently left Secret Service agents half his age eating his dust (though you have to admit that no Secret Service agent is really going to risk his career just to show he can trounce his Commander-in-Chief).

Even Big Bill Clinton was a regular exerciser, jogging around the Mall many a morning – though he did really undermine it by popping into McDonald’s on the way home.

So, if the people who have the entire hopes of the U.S. – not to mention many other parts of the globe – resting on their shoulders can find time to workout, there really isn’t much excuse for the rest of us.

So, do you think in the next four years we can find time to be more active? Yes we can.

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