Even if You Are Chained To a Wall, Exercise!

by DavalosMcCormack on November 7, 2008

Can you believe it?  It’s true! Recently, I was reading a book called “The Worst-Case Scenario Almanac-History”.  There are a lot of interesting things about what to do if your ship hits an iceberg, how to survive a joust and even how to prove you’re not a witch.  It tells you a lot of subtle things about the way people lived in history, during Medieval times and it gives you innovative  survival skills on how to get out of all kinds of sticky situations.  Get this, did you know that if you find yourself trapped in a dungeon and chained to a wall the best thing you can do is Exercise! 

No, really.  According to the book, if you don’t exercise then your muscles will atrophy in just a couple of weeks.  So if you find yourself thrown and chained in a dungeon for 40 days and 40 nights, your muscles are history unless you use them.

The best method to reverse this dire situation is to use the chains as resistance.  You keep the blood flowing to your extremities by flexing against the chains and then relaxing.  You can do squats if the chains are long enough, or you can do some stretching exercises if you are not already stretched to your limits.

Here’s another thing.  Don’t forget to  exercise your brain!  This is where my guided imagery comes in. As you are standing there in the dark, cold, wet, dungeon, take some time to remember happier times.  Visualize every detail, see it, remember the smells and the emotions your had when you were happy.

Since you are probably not getting a balanced cuisine, this may be a good time to create a banquet for yourself.  See the table full of food, perhaps like the table laden with custards and pies and roasts and sausages at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts school.  It’s important to feel the emotions, the feelings, sounds, smells, use all of your senses to relive this happy time.

The other problem you will have to deal with is attitude.  No matter how hopeless the situation seems, never give up hope.  Imagine how it will feel to be free again.  See it, feel it, and it will become a reality… But then,  that’s life isn’t it? Everything is about attitude!

So right now you are probably thinking “has this girl lost her mind, how likely is it that any of us is ever going to be trapped in a dungeon?” But look around you, most people feel hemmed in to one extent or another by life. You don’t have enough time to exercise because you have to work then take the kids to soccer practice or if you are Sarah Palin you have to govern Alaska then take the kids to hockey practice then go and shoot a moose.

In many ways we are all trapped in a dungeon of one form or another, the shackles may be made of different substances but they are no less restrictive.

So you have to be equally determined to find ways to escape whatever dungeon you are in. Exercise doesn’t just work the muscles, it frees the mind. And freedom is such a wonderful, precious thing to have.

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