Fun Fair and other Amusements!

by DavalosMcCormack on September 30, 2008

On Sunday Kevin and I went to an Amusement Park, he calls it a Fun Fair.  I like the name Fun Fair because that’s just what it is.  Fun, Fun, Fun!  We didn’t have children with us so we were  unencumbered by the wants and needs of little ones who  want and need stuff.  We were more than capable of being those kids on our own!  So when I wanted ice cream, I got it! Now.

We went on every single scary ride in the park. Even those we really didn’t want to. One of the reasons why we could is that we were tall enough.  I saw one kid get the stick.  That’s when the ride staff come over with a stick that has painted colors on it.  If you are tall enough  to ride your head has to be above the green line. This kid was too short so they pulled him off the ride.

I can understand why. They have height limits because if you are too small for a ride you could literally be sucked out and thrown off during the ride. The harness was clearly too big to protect the kid from harm so he was asked to get off the ride and wait for the rest of his family.  He didn’t look too happy about this and was probably a little embarrassed but he went quietly, knowing that in a few months he’d probably be big enough to get on the ride.

A few minutes later, on another ride, we came across another similar but even more embarrassing moment. In this case we were about to get on a ride where you dangled from a contraption that swung you up and out and around and upside down and around and around. After everyone is in place the assistant comes over to check that everyone is belted properly and secure.  The harness has to be clipped in and secure, but one gal was too plump so the harness would not click into place.  The ride manager tried to push it down and tried again and again but it just wouldn’t close correctly.  She was too fat.

Imagine how she felt when she was asked to get off the ride. Everyone was watching, and not just those on the ride but everyone waiting in line for their turn.  I felt bad for her, and clearly so did her friend who got off with her in a show of support.  Too fat.  I wondered if they would have a stick or measurement for that in coming years, if you are in the red area when measured on a tape you are off the ride.

Some of these rides are amazingly scary and death defying. At least that’s how I felt.  Here we were, strapped into a seat, with a big padded harness coming down over our shoulders and secured into a seat belt buckle, then shot through the air with our feet dangling freely, twirled around at high speeds, upside down and loop-de-looped.  Man, it was fun.

When you get off the ride they have pictures of what you looked like while on the ride.  I always looked like I was praying to God to get me off or at least let me live.  Kevin, on the other hand, had a look of sheer bliss, eyes bright, with the biggest grin a kid could have!  He was 6 all over again!

So what does this have to do with being healthy and simple? Well, it’s just another reason to stay fit and in shape, so you can be at Fun Fairs and  go on every single scary ride they have. It’s Fun. It’s healthy. It’s simple.

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