Finally, the New York Times caught up with us!

by DavalosMcCormack on September 19, 2008

Hey everybody, did you read the Well in the New York Times lately?  They must have read some excerpts from Healthy and Simple because they have just reported that people are getting on the bandwagon of healthy eating by eating “real” food!  It’s called positive eating!  Well, I could have told you that!  …and I did! It’s really called, “Stop depriving yourself and enjoy your food!”Get this, the New York Times reported that for the first time since 1985 the number of people on diets is at an all time low!  At the peak in 1990, 39 percent of American women and 29 percent of men were dieting. Today, that number has dropped to 26 percent of women and 16 percent of men.  This is since 1985 when the first diets records began.

Why, you may ask?  Well, it’s due to the fact that people are beginning to understand that prepared foods aren’t as nutritious, tasty or as good for you as meals you cook yourself.

Over the years we have become a culture of speed eating, and just like speed dating it leaves you feeling unloved and somehow empty inside.

Remember when you came home from school and your Mom was in the kitchen and you could smell dinner in the oven or hear the sizzling on  the  stove.  It made you feel good didn’t it? So warm and inviting and so comforting to sit down to dinner with your family as you talked about your day’s highlights and shared the challenges that you met and overcame.  No?  Well neither did I! Well, not exactly,  my Mom did make dinner and we did sit down, after Dad had a highball and came to the table.. but that’s another story.

When my kids were growing up, we always sat down to dinner together, homework or not, dinner was an important event not to be missed at our house.  Some of my girl’s friends were amazed that we sat down to dinner on a school night.  At their house they all ate at different times.

Later, when my kids went to college there was a report on how important the dinner hour was to family well-being.  So, what happened?  Well, the slow food movement (that’s making a real dinner with real food) and the “shop locally” movements have changed all of that and more people are eating organic, locally produced foods and they are cooking “real” meals!

It’s working!  More people are no longer dieting – meaning, they are not going on specific diets of grapefruits and hardboiled eggs in order to lose weight, they are opting for sitting down like civilized people who cook and enjoy conversation and balance their diets with veggies, fruits, and “real” food.  Watching what they eat instead of being a damn slave to some jerk who wrote a bloody book to make himself/herself a wad of cash and go on show spouting ideas they know are completely stupid!!!!!!!

oh…my…(fluff my hairdo and smooth my eybrows) …that felt good, but I digress,  The NPD Group, a Marketing Research firm has some fascinating information on eating trends, like snack foods and other diet information that tests your food knowdedge.  Check it out, you could learn something!  Me,  I’m cookin’.

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