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by DavalosMcCormack on August 26, 2008

Some of the most fascinating work I do is hypnotherapy. I love it. Lot’s of people don’t know what hypnotherapy is, so I explain to them how it works, it’s like a massage for the mind. You’d be surprised how many people think that hypnosis will cause them to lose control of their senses and make them quack like a duck or do other silly things.

I tell them hypnosis is a way of relaxing the mind to the point of quieting the left side of the brain. That’s the side that is logical, verbal, and judgmental. The judgmental part is the ego. You know, that little voice that is constantly telling you something about yourself, like, “You’ll never lose weight!” or “You never get a break. You’re just not lucky!” It’s this kind of thinking that make us feel bad about ourselves.

Lots of my clients have negative messages running around in their mind all the time. Worry is another way the brain likes to make drama. So what hypnosis does is calm down that worry in the left brain and open the right side, where right thinking lives.

The right brain is the imagination, emotion, creativity and the home of the powerful subconscious. Yep, everyone has a subconscious mind. We use it all the time; when we worry we use our imagination to think about things that can go wrong. We are always giving the subconscious mind orders and its job is to make sure those orders are followed. So when we say, “Boy, I’ll never lose weight” guess what happens? Right. No success at losing the weight!

So why don’t we give our subconscious mind some marching orders that will benefit our circumstances and make life better. We don’t because we are so used to listening to the judgmental chatter of the left brain. Most of the time we don’t even notice what it’s saying, we just feel bad or anxious. We become victims of our own mind. And not just victims, we begin to believe the words we are saying.

The key is recognizing what we say and believe about ourselves so we can control our thoughts and stop being a victim of runaway negative thoughts.

Recently, I was working with a client and simply listening to her. I was paying attention to the story that she tells about herself. The story was filled with little phrases that she believes. For example, she told me that she had a job that she loved, and her children had been through problems in the past and now both of them were on a better path and and even keel. Their future looked bright. She said she enjoys activities with friends and loves to cook and read.

Then she said. “I eat because I have nothing in my life, so I comfort myself with food.” Somewhere along the line during her life someone told her or she told herself that her life was nothing and she believed it. That belief gave her permission to eat what she liked because she had “nothing”. It made me wonder about how we come up with these ideas. Are we bombarded with thoughts we don’t even notice and worse, we believe those thoughts?

It is time to start listening, which is not such an easy thing to do. The attention span of a normal adult is only 7 seconds long. That’s because our world is filled with distractions, multi-tasking, and texting or answering calls and e-mails. We walk around with our iPod plugged into our ears, cutting us off from everyone around us.

We become numb to ourselves, the thoughts we bombard ourselves with are so much a part of us we often fail to even realize they are there. But the subconscious mind is ALWAYS listening, and if the only things it hears are negative thoughts then that’s what it acts upon.

You can change that. But first, you have to listen.

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