Kettle Balls

by DavalosMcCormack on August 29, 2008

A while ago I started to write about exercises you can do at the gym or at home. For this one you have to have kettle balls. I love the look of kettle balls, they look like little tea kettles to me. They are shiny and in great colors, blue, red, green and sometimes a lovely yellow. Those little mothers are heavy. They have a little handle on the top so I used to think that you just use them like weights …but noooooo.
Those little kettle weights are made to be held with both hands and they don’t even work your shoulders! The basic exercise is to hold the kettle by the handle with both hands and swing it back between your legs as you squat. Squat! Did I say squat?

The form is very important. So how do you get the right form? Stand facing a wall with your toes about two inches from the wall. Now bend at the knees without making contact with the wall! This will insure that you don’t bend forward too much and will also help you squat without having your knees right over your feet.

Don’t go down too far because if you do you will find that your behind will begin to curl under and create a curve. Just squat till your butt is out far away from the wall not low enough to make your behind curve under, stop just before that.

Now you have the form down, move away from the wall and grab that cute little kettle weight and swing it through your legs with the same form and the same squat that you did in front of  the wall.

Swing the kettle under and bring it forward in front of you with the weight on your heels. Make sure you are using your hips! Don’t swing it too high, remember your shoulders are not taking the weight.

If you see the kettle in front of you and it’s droopy not swinging straight out you are not doing it correctly. The only muscles involved here are your core muscles, your hips and your abs!

It’s easy! And it does a lot for your frame, your knees and your midrif! Go for it! You will love it! Besides, the kettles are so cute!

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