Healthy and Simple Joke of the Day

by DavalosMcCormack on July 8, 2008

A man walks into a bank and tells the loan officer he wants to borrow $200 for six months. The loan officer asks if he has any collateral to back up the loan and the man says “Yes, I have a brand new Rolls Royce, it’s sitting outside, here are the keys. You can hold that until I pay you back”

Six months later the man returns, hands over the $200 and $10 in interest and takes his Rolls Royce car keys back. The loan officer says “Pardon me for asking sir, but why would someone with a brand new Rolls Royce need to borrow $200?”

The man said “Oh I didn’t really need the money. I was going to Europe for six months and where else could I park my car for $10!”

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