Headlines Don't Lie…Do They?

by DavalosMcCormack on July 21, 2008

So I was down in our Research Library going through some old files on all the studies and headlines we have accumulated. You know, processing the data dump. Okay, so I was actually just shuffling through the stack of print outs that are sitting on the dining room chair, okay? But look what I found. A story to be told about the benefits of exercise. These are just a few of the headlines and studies we have covered over the last several months. They definitely hold a message. Can you see it?
From the University of Missouri News Bureau:
Weight Watchers Versus Fitness Centers, MU Study finds Both Work Best in Combination July 1 2008 –

Exercise May Prevent Brain Shrinkage in Early Alzheimer’s Disease
Source: American Academy of Neurology July 8th 2008
Exercise is vital. Here are Smart Ways to Sweat
Source USA Weekend Magazine 3/24/08
Aerobic Exercise Increases a Blood Protein that may Suppress Appetite
Source: Newswise Medical News

Girls, Young Women Can Cut Risk of Early Breast Cancer Through Regular Exercise
Source: Washinton Universit in St. Louis

Obesity Linked to Increase Risk for Dementia
Source Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Exercise During Pregnancy Leads to a Healthier Heart in Moms and Babies to be
The American Physiological Society

Inactive Kids Face Six-fold Risk of Heart Disease by Teen Years
Source: University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill

Laugh Yourself Skinny by Don Oldenburg
Washington Post

April 5th 2005

Staying a Step ahead of Aging
New York Times
January 31, 2008

Exercise on the Brain
New York Times
November 8, 2007

Well, you get the picture, or the article. Check it out for yourself. You can run down to the nearest Medical Library near you and see for yourself. Or, you can try it out and see how many of your ills get better if you ….oh…uhm… EXERCISE!

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