Make Friends and Be Well

by DavalosMcCormack on June 24, 2008

Last weekend Kevin and I got together with some people we used to see everyday when we worked in television. We were producers and our days were filled with deadlines, research, writing, booking and scheduling cameramen, talking with interview subjects, solving problems when schedules changed and getting the story on the air. It was also filled with laughter, jokes, ironic takes on the days events and many, many people. We’ve all moved on to other work but we still get together once in a while for a picnic in a park. We bring the kids, the dogs, the “new” spouses. It’s a meeting that celebrates friendships, and you know what? I miss them!
Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love the work I am doing now, and there were a lot of days in the past that I wouldn’t want to relive. The stress was, well, stressful a lot of the time and management, don’t get me started. But working in such a fast paced business also taught us a lot. We learned to be efficient, fast, and accurate, which helps tremendously in any other future job one might have.

Now I work from home. Some days I meet with clients or go to their office or home to do some hypnosis, or media training and my daily routine has changed a lot. Working alone can have its advantages – no irritating cubicle mates, no co-workers who have body odor problems or talk with their mouth full of food! – but it can also have a downside. Some days it feels isolating, I’m usually by myself writing, doing errands, working on an upcoming project or trying to figure out why the computer doesn’t want to do the things I tell it to do. That’s frustrating, because you can’t complain to anyone, or scream for the I.T. gal!

Working alone has given me an insight into how difficult being isolated can be, and how big a risk it is to your health.
There are many studies on the importance of social engagement for the elderly. Having a pal or 2 can fight depression, keep the mind active and even guard against dementia. The healing energy of laughter is an amazing catalyst for a clear mind and positive attitude.

I’ve also noticed that when you are alone little annoyances become giant problems that can ruin a day. Lonely people don’t recover from illness as fast, they are more prone to higher blood pressure and they don’t sleep as well. So now, when I take time to have lunch with a friend, or pick up the phone, I never feel guilty. It’s good for my mental health and over all spirit. So go out there and make some friends, bond with them and stay well.

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