It's Not Me. It's Everyone Else

by DavalosMcCormack on June 30, 2008

Have you ever been driving along and someone cuts in front of you without signaling and you look over and see they are on their cell phone? I bet you have. Have you ever been standing in line at Starbucks or Peet’s and the woman in front is just blabbing away on her cell phone so that when the barrista asks what she wants she hasn’t decided and holds everyone else up. Yes, I bet that happened to you too. But here’s a scary thought. Maybe it’s not just happening to you. Maybe it’s you that is doing it!

I came across a fascinating survey of cell phone users the other day. It was done by the Pew Research Center and they asked cell phone users some pretty straight forward questions. The answers they got were very enlightening.

For instance, 41 percent said they often make cell phone calls just to fill up free time while they are travelling or waiting for something or someone. So, next time that friend calls you up and you ask what they’re up to and they say “nothing much” they’re not lying. They’re just using you to try and kill time till something more interesting happens.

Another question stated “I sometimes don’t drive as safely as I should because I am talking on my cell phone.” 28 percent of people said yes. And you can guess those are just the honest ones, there’s a lot more who could have and probably should have said yes.

But my favorite two questions were when they asked people if they have ever encountered people using their cell phone in a “loud or annoying manner in public.” A whopping 82 percent of people said yes, 50 percent of them frequently, 32 percent occasionally. But when asked if they had ever done that themselves, 91 percent of people said “no”.

Amazing isn’t it. Everyone else uses their cell phone in a rude, inappropriate and sometimes even dangerous manner. But not me. I use mine sensibly, politely, and with consideration to all. Yeah, right.

We have an amazing ability to overlook our own sins while condemning others for the same actions. Not that I’m accusing you of anything. I’m sure you are a great driver; that you always wash your hands after going to the bathroom; that you always cover your nose when you sneeze; and that you never, ever talk loudly on your cell phone in public. It’s everyone else.

Of course, that could all change once they realize how dangerous their phone is. A recent study out of the UK reported that using cell phones all the time could double your risk of brain cancer; another one from the Cleveland Clinic said it could reduce a man’s sperm count. So go ahead, use that phone. See who realy suffers!

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