How to Look Good in a Bathing Suit – All Year Round

by DavalosMcCormack on June 3, 2008

One of my favorite country song titles is Deana Carters “Have I Shaved My Legs For This!”. It’s all about how frustrating it is to go to great lengths only to find the rewards far from worth it or questionable at best. (A fun fact about the song is that Cyndi Lauper was hired to work at the release party for the song – her job was to sit in a bathtub for three hours, shaving her legs!)

But I digress, I was reminded of that title when I saw an ad recently for a local gym, promising the “best beach body workout ever”. It was promoting an intense six-week workout routine that would help get you in shape for summer and bathing suit season. The picture they used to promote the program was of a lithe blonde in a bathing suit, lying on a beach chair, soaking up the sun. It struck me as rather strange that here they were, using a picture of someone doing nothing as a way of encouraging people to bust their buns in the gym for six weeks.

But then I thought that is how we approach so many things when it comes to health and fitness. We choose one moment, one event, and use that as a source of motivation to get in shape. Think of the personal-trainers who offer ‘bridal packages’, helping brides-to-be get in shape so they can slim down and squeeze into that perfect dress and look wonderful on their wedding day. After that, who cares right! They’re married, so they can eat what they like, turn into slobs and pack on the pounds.

Or those late autumn ski-preparation training programs to get you in good shape to go skiing. It’s not a bad idea. After all if you haven’t used some of those muscles in a while it makes sense to get into good condition so you can ski longer and harder without injuring yourself. But once ski season is over, what then?

Why don’t we do exercise programs or activities that will get us in shape for life? Because quite frankly while you can plan some things, such as weddings or ski-trips, there are many more things you can’t plan for but which pop up from time to time that it helps to be in shape for. That can be anything from running to catch the bus, shoveling snow after a heavy storm or helping a friend move house, even things such as carrying your luggage on holiday or walking for miles around a foreign city because you forgot to buy a map and you don’t speak the language so you can’t ask directions.

The beauty about being in shape for life is that when those things do crop up from time to time you are able to do them without having to collapse for a couple of days afterwards or swallow whatever pain remedies happen to be in the bathroom cabinet (which is the worst place to keep your medication by the way, but that’s a story for another day).

The hardest part of any workout program is getting started. That’s when the muscles are most out of shape, when the mental energy required to do it is far greater. If you do it regularly you are less likely to end up with aching muscles after the workout, less likely to have to bribe yourself to get yourself to the gym. So if you are going to go to all the trouble of getting in shape for swimsuit season, why not stay in shape for ski season, and New Year, and Valentine’s Day, and Easter, and 4th of July, and. Well, you get the picture.

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