How Sophia Loren Stays Youthful!

by DavalosMcCormack on June 11, 2008

Now, you and I know that there have been some fabulously beautiful women in the world. Some of them are singers like Beyonce, Sarah McLachlan, Queen Lativah. Some are movie stars, like Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman, or Gwyneth Paltrow, but to me none of those ladies, although lovely, can hold a candle to the ageless beauty of Sophia Loren! Yes, Sophia Loren is, well, she is something else.

What is it about Sophia? Could it be her wonderful body? Yes. But did you know that when she was discovered at 18 they wanted her to lose weight? Could it be her incredible eyes, her nose, and those wonderful cheekbones? Yes. But did you know they wanted her to get a nose job and she refused? Could it be that she is simply what a woman is supposed to be? Confident, smart, comfortable, easy to laugh and dripping with sensuality? Uhmmmm…YES! How can we be more like Sophia? I’ll tell you.

We can be ageless just like Sophia! After much painstaking research and sorting through many interviews with and about Sophia Loren I have found out her secret. Imagine a drum roll here……Posture!

No, really, Sophia was asked, “What makes you such an icon of beauty? How do you explain your ageless beauty?” and she said, “Posture” Yes, and she also said that she doesn’t do anything that makes her look old, like shuffle when she walks or slump over.

That’s a lesson we can all learn, because your posture says a heck of a lot about you. You’ve probably noticed people on the street who walk with their head forward and their shoulders rounded, and shuffle along as if they just don’t care. Do they look like someone who is filled with life and confidence? No! You’ve seen very cute girls in high heels who are walking like they can’t wait to get to the next safe place. They are so precarious on those heels and they always walk too fast.

Here’s the answer. When you are wearing high heels always have the tune “The Girl From Ipanima” in your head and walk to that song. Honest, you will not be rushing and you will be walking like Sophia! Chin up, shoulders back, tummy IN!!!!! You’ll have to figure out the cheekbones, and those eyes! Then let’s talk about Gwyneth, but that’s another column. Listen, this is free advice. You have to do somethings on your own!

For more than 40 years Sophia Loren has been a symbol of beauty. She stands head and shoulders above so many other movie stars. Maybe that’s simply because of the way she stands. So, maybe changing the way you stand could change the way you think about yourself. And change the way others see you.

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