Healthy and Simple Joke of the Day

by DavalosMcCormack on June 9, 2008

A little old lady goes to a bank with a big bag of money and asks to see the manager. She tells him she has $100,000 and wants to open an account. The manager says “Of course, but do you mind me asking you where you got such a large amount of cash?” “Oh that is easy” says the woman “I like to gamble and I’m very good at it, for instance I bet you $25,000 that you will have a tattoo of a devil on your buttocks by noon tomorrow.”

The banker says he simply couldn’t take the bet because it would be like stealing money from her, so she says “well, if you don’t take the bet then I’ll just have to find another bank to open an account in.” So the banker says fine, and takes the bet.

The little old lady returns the next day with her lawyer and they go into the manager’s office. She says to the manager, “OK, let’s see if you have a tattoo” So the manager undoes his belt and lowers his trousers a little. “You’ll have to lower them some more so we can see both buttocks” says the lady. The manager does. There is no tattoo so the little old lady gives the manager $25,000.

Meanwhile the lawyer is sitting there muttering and cursing under his breath. “What’s wrong with him?” the manager asks. “Oh he’s just upset” said the old lady. “I bet him $100,000 that by noon today you would moon us in your office.”

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