D Does The Trick – and Other News

by DavalosMcCormack on June 25, 2008

It wasn’t so long ago that vitamin C was being touted as the miracle vitamin, a cure for everything from the common cold to cancer and everything in between. Then it fell out of favor as studies showed it wasn’t really quite as miraculous as we’d hoped.

Then vitamin E came along and all of a sudden it was being hailed as a way of preventing cancer, treating disease, even reducing the risk of scarring. But then again those darn scientists came along and dashed our fondest hopes.

But who cares, because now we have vitamin D.

There’s all sorts of new claims for D to say it can reduce your risk of cancer (spotting a similar trend here!) reduce your risk of depression and now two new studies make even more impressive claims.

The first says that an extra dose of daily vitamin D can help relieve back pain for chronic sufferers, and if you’ve ever had back pain you know how wonderful that sounds. This piece of research is in the journal Pain Treatment Topics.

Researcher Stewart Leavitt, MA, PhD, looked at 22 clinical investigations and came to the conclusion that people with chronic back pain almost always had inadequate levels of vitamin D. When they got enough D their back pain either vanished or was at least significantly reduced.

And if you think that’s impressive then you haven’t read the study in the June 23rd issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. The study, out of Austria, found that individuals with lower blood levels of vitamin D appear to have an increased risk of death overall, and from heart disease in particular.

The researchers say low levels of something called 25-hydroxyvitamin D (nah, I don’t know what it is either!) are associated with falls, fractures, cancer, immune dysfunction, heart disease and stroke, and high blood pressure.

Now with further study it may turn out that vitamin D is just as miraculous as C and E were once thought to be, but for now it’s the hip new supplement. And to be honest there’s probably nothing wrong with taking regular supplementation. It won’t do any harm. And it might just cure your back pain, prevent cancer, help you avoid depression, keep you alive and give you a glossy, lustrous coat. Oh wait, that’s for dogs.

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