It Pays To Be Informed – really – and other stuff

by DavalosMcCormack on May 27, 2008

Can you imagine going for a drive in a strange town, looking for a particular address but not having a map. Oh, and there are no street signs, and no street lights. And it’s night. Ridiculous idea eh! Yet many people at risk for a deadly-disease seem to be operating at that same level of taking a chance, or one might say, ignorance.

Don’t believe me? OK, then why does a new study find that nearly half of patients with a history of heart disease not only have poor knowledge about the symptoms of a heart attack, they also don’t happen to think they are at risk of having one.

And remember, these are people with a history of heart disease!

The researchers, at the University of California in San Francisco School of Nursing, surveyed more than 3,500 people who had undergone treatment for heart disease in one form or another. Almost half of those surveyed were not clear on the symptoms of a heart attack, and a similar number did not think they were any more at risk for having one than other people their age who didn’t have heart disease.

Se habla “reality check”! It does make you wonder what it would take to get them to realize that the disease they have could actually kill them. People seem to take better care of their cars, and have a greater appreciation that a rattling under the hood is not a good sign. Yet when the rattling is inside their chest their attitude seems to be “ah, it’s probably nothing”.

They say ignorance is bliss. It sounds more like a death sentence to me.

More Bad News About Obesity and Smoking

OK, I know we sound like a broken record when it comes to the dangers of being seriously overweight or obese, and smoking. But it’s really not our fault. These darn researchers keep coming out with studies showing how bad they are, so we feel obliged to share them with you, no matter how grim and repetitive they are.

The latest bit of bad news for overweight or even obese men comes in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases. The study found that men who are overweight or obese are much more likely to need a hip replacement for osteo-arthritis than men of normal weight.

Curiously the same findings did not apply to women. But ladies, before you relax, the researchers did find that overweight women were more likely to need a knee replacement than normal weight women. Same for men as well. So, bottom line. Too much weight is bad for your hips and knees and wears them out.

And the bad news about smoking comes in the journal Tobacco Control. The researchers found that children exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to get severe infectious diseases and have to be admitted to the hospital than children of non-smokers. Those most at risk of being admitted to the hospital are children under the age of 12 months, those whose immune systems and respiratory systems are still developing.

Not fun for the kids, not fun for the parents. So, do everyone a favor, either quit smoking (and I know it’s one of the toughest things to do) or at the very least don’t smoke in the house, in the car, or anywhere else the kids are.

News like this is why we the Healthy and Simple Joke of the Day.

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