Hey, Have You Seen Tina Turner and Cher Lately?

by DavalosMcCormack on May 12, 2008

Oh, my, Goodness! I want to grow up and be Tina Turner! No, maybe I want to be Cher…except for the lips. Have you seen those gals lately? Did you know that Tina Turner is 68 years young! No, really, did you see her? She is totally amazing! She is a living legend and she really is the hardest working woman in the business. Do you know what they said about her at the Grammys?..”She has been out of sight but not out of shape!” Here’s the thing, the older you get the better you can get. Absolutely! Here’s the secret.
Don’t get fat, sloppy, and out of shape, plus, be rich and have a good time! Simple eh! Being healthy and happy is really what it takes to get the life you want. Even Cher says, “Getting older sucks” yet Tina says, “My senior life is so much better, my attitude is better, there is a good change when you are still healthy and you still look good.”

I have to admit, even though Cher is younger, Tina looks better. Times weren’t always good for these gals. We all read about Tina being beaten by her husband Ike, and Cher and Sonny’s ugly split. Cher left the marriage and owed Sonny $2 million! So what happened? They had to get out and work and take control of their lives.

We can learn from this. Tina and Cher had great times, singing and dancing and they had great clothes, but they also dealt with some tough, challenging times. Tina says she worked anywhere she could, supper clubs, small hotels, conventions just about any place that would pay her. The difference with these gals is that when they were on stage and in front of the audience, they were “ON”, performing with total concentration, inviting the audience to share the fun… and they did it all in heels! Now that’s control.

These women are so amazingly resilient, and so are you! Life is filled with great times and bad times, even for those not on stage, but every stage of your life can make you stronger and better. Sure, you can also choose to be broken and deflated, and spend your life in pain about what didn’t go well or what went wrong, but guess what? Life doesn’t always go your way, it didn’t for Tina or Cher and it doesn’t for us, but we can choose how we will be affected in the long term. That’s resilience!
So my mom was right all the time when she said, “It’s not how old you are, it’s how old you look! ” If you look healthy, fit and happy, it’s likely that you will be healthy, fit and happy. Oh about the rich? Good luck! It could happen.

As Tina says, “Every now and then I like to do things nice and easy…We never ever seem to do things nice and easy, because we like to do it nice and rough!” What’s Love Got to do with it? Everything! Love yourself!

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