Exercise Your Friendships!

by DavalosMcCormack on May 29, 2008

I have a friend, Laura, who has parties and the parties are so much fun. She has wonderful friends and I have met them all over last seven years. I’ve had some fun chatting and joking at Laura’s with old friends I knew before and I’ve met new friends, and over the years I felt Laura’s friends were sort of, friends of mine. Oh, it wasn’t that we got together by ourselves, but when we met a Laura’s parties, I felt comfortable and accustomed to them. Last week there was a terrible accident.
I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know that one of Laura’s friends, John, died in a fall from a window at his home. Laura and her family are devastated. John’s partner of many years, Jean-Pierre, is in pain, lost and broken. The ripple effect of this tragic incident has run rampant through the City. Friends and acquaintances are jarred and shocked. It has only been days since this fatal event has taken place so the memorial events are not in place yet.

I have called, e-mailed and exchanged calls with Laura. The circle of friends are gathering together to console one another. It has only been a few days and I feel so sorry for all the pain that is there for those who loved John and were closest to him. I am on the fringe of this close knit group. Right now there is little I can do to help, except offer my love and support. But perhaps I can help after they have made it through this first wave of shock, as it settles into a heartfelt ache, when they may be even more in need of others to help share in their loss.

And so it is, I am reminded of how much our friends mean to us and how much we feel when they are hurt, when they experience loss, heartbreak and pain. I think of us bonded to one another and when there has been a shift in balance there is a ripple effect and all of the ones closest have a reaction immediately, and then it continues to others and on out to the edges of friendships and families. We are all in pain. We all shed tears for friends, family and for those they love and for those who are lost.

The best we can do is to make sure we let our friends and family know that they are loved. Rejoice in their company and their laughter. Enjoy the conversations, and experiences and the ideas you share with them. Miss them when they are gone and love them when they are near or far. Give, listen and share each time you have a chance to be with one you love and care for. Exercise all of your friendships, strengthen all of your relationships, love and cherish all of the good times you have in your life. We all need each other to be strong.

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