Ah, from the mouths of Babes!

by DavalosMcCormack on April 3, 2008

My daughter Ari, lives in Seattle and is on her own for the first time in her life. I mean really on her own. No college dining hall, no dorm room filled with college students doing the same as she…getting an education. It’s the “real” world now, filled with all kinds of new and exciting experiences like shopping for food. I love getting the calls, “Hey Mom, you know that chicken you make? How do you cook it? I love the lifestyle conversations we have on basic lessons for living.

Like the time she went to the store to buy food. She had grown up on mostly organics and in Seattle there is a whole culture that advocates locally grown organics and sustainable everything. So to Ari, who rarely shopped for food it was a pretty good jolt of sticker shock when it was time to pay for the fruits, vegetables and meat that had those coveted labels that read organic, grass fed or locally grown. “Mom! I can’t afford organics!” So we had a discussion of the pros and cons of organic versus conventional and choices about cost and quality.

Let me tell you, I was not 22 when I first had this discussion. I was …uhm over 30! It was when I had a baby to feed and just the thought of putting something into that darling little mouth that had any kind of pesticide on it was enough for me to pay through the nose or at least whatever it cost.

Well, recently, Ari got a job writing articles for The Sustainable Style Foundation, their motto is “look fabulous, live well, do good”. It’s a website that talks about how to have style and panache while living responsibly on the planet. It’s pretty good, you should check it out.

Last month I was reading Ari’s article on the subject of the hard choices that have to be made when buying organic.. she recounted our conversation, she talked about the choices but then she expanded the idea and went on to talk about the benefits.

Here’s the thing, Ari says that now, instead of buying just fruit or meat or anything in the grocery store she makes a conscious effort and makes a definite decision to buy or not to buy. Does she need it? Is it healthy for her? How much does she “really” need. What does it have in it, on it, or how much fuel did it take to get it here? As a result, she is no longer on automatic when she enters a store and she has exactly what she needs when she leaves.

Her theory is – “Yes, organics and local foods are expensive, but they are a better choice for sustainability.” Then, she went on to talk about choices when buying other things like clothes, appliances, gadgets. Do we buy into the disposable culture, or do we buy value?

Gee, all I said was “The choice is up to you! Eat healthy and you’ll look and feel better!” What a babe, Ari!

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