It's Tax Time and the IRS is Not the Only One Who Wants Blood

by DavalosMcCormack on March 18, 2008

The economy is tanking! The housing market is heading south and we are left feeling powerless to do anything to change the tide. Our communities are in trouble. You may feel like you can’t make a difference unless you take a stand and run for office, become an activist or give all your money to charity. But fear not my friend, there is a simple way you can make a difference, even save a life, and it just takes a little prick!

No, not the President! A little prick in the arm I mean. Here’s a way you can become a positive part of the community. Give Blood. Sure you say, “That’s so simple it means so little.” Well, your right, it is simple, but did you know that 60% of the population are eligible to donate blood but only 5% of the people do? You can be one of the elite 5% that donate on a regular basis like me.

I don’t know when I began to save lives, yes transfusions do save lives, but I do recall the change in my father-in-law’s attitude toward me when I designated my blood for his upcoming surgery. I was suddenly a “blood” relative.

Since I started giving on a regular basis I have learned some pretty startling statistics. For instance, every 3 seconds someone needs a transfusion. That my dear, is 20 people a minute, 1200 every hour! Can you imagine what your community would do if there was no available blood? Could you imagine what your mother or brother or cousin would do if there was no available blood. It’s not a pleasant thought is it.

There is artificial blood but nothing is better than the real thing. Just a pint of blood separated into its components can help three different people. Not to mention the fact that you learn your blood type, what your blood pressure is and you’ll find out if you a have a hearty iron count or not.

So see, you can make a difference, you can save a life, you might even get your cranky old father-in-law to smile and change his attitude toward you. It’s not a very dramatic way to make a difference, but the person whose life you change will thank you.

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