Healthy and Simple Joke of the Day

by DavalosMcCormack on March 31, 2008

A man was on trial for murder. The case against him seemed pretty good except for one fact, there was no body. The police had never found the corpse. The defendant’s lawyer tried to use this in his summary of the case saying “Ladies and gentlemen, I have a surprise for you, in one minute the supposed victim in this case will walk through those doors into this courtroom.” He then looked at the doors, eagerly waiting for them to open. The jurors, stunned, all did the same. A minute passed, nothing happened. Then the lawyer said “Actually I made up that bit about the victim coming here. But you all looked in anticipation meaning you believed it could happen. I put it to you that means you have reasonable doubt the man is even dead therefore you cannot convict my client of murder.”

So the jury retired but within a minute they were back in court and pronounced the defendant “guilty”.

“But how could you do that” said the lawyer. “You must have had some doubt,  saw all of you stare at the door”.

“Oh yes, we did” said the jury foreman, “We all looked, but your client didn’t”.

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