Eating with a vengence!

by DavalosMcCormack on March 26, 2008

Did you know that if you skip breakfast you are more likely to gain weight and become fat? Yeah, think about it, say you have dinner at 6:30pm, so by 7:30pm you are finished with dinner and go about your normal activities and hit the nightlife at 11:00 and sleep till 7:30 in the morning. While you were sleeping guess what was happening!

Right, your metabolism slowed down and if you don’t give it anything to work on till lunch it will slow down even more, to compensate for the calories you didn’t consume. The end result is a whole system that is not functioning optimally which just piles up the stored fat cells causing too much junk in your trunk (so to speak).

So give your body something to work on in the morning and get that furnace fired up to burn calories all day. People who skip breakfast on a regular basis will burn 150 fewer calories per day than those who take time to have that first meal. Mayo Clinic research study says that just by eating breakfast can make a difference of 55,000 calories burned in a year. So gentlemen and ladies get up and start your engines!

There are a lot of factors that can help your metabolism humm. You may be just as tall, same sex, and same height as your cousin Ruth who seems to eat everything on the planet and not gain a pound. Yep, our old friend inherited metabolism is at work here.

You may be watching every calorie just to maintain your weight, while Ruth forgets to eat lunch and drops a few pounds. Life is cruel but there is a lot you can do to combat the hand you were dealt. Not to mention the fat cells you inherited when you were born.

Your little gene pool can cause some real havoc in the numbers you see on the scale. So eat with some of these factors in mind. When in search of a snack eat wet foods. Research shows that water content within foods can help you control your diet because the high water content makes you feel full faster and longer. When you eat dry foods like granola or popcorn you actually stimulate your appetite and you want to eat more.

Psych your body out by giving it some work to do without piling on the calories. Remember, non-fat foods don’t satisfy your cravings and you can actually trigger intense cravings for “bad” food if your fat intake goes too low. Select fat intake that can help you stay on track by choosing mono fats like using olive oil instead of butter to saute that lean burger, or eat a few roasted almonds for a snack instead of crackers and cheese.

Knowing what makes your metabolism sing can create some space for that strawberry shortcake. Really! Get this, remember that 55,000 extra calories you are burning each year just because you forgot to eat breakfast? You just bought yourself some dessert!

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