The untold story of Magnesium!

by DavalosMcCormack on January 25, 2008

Who would have thunk it! With all the vitamin supplements to keep your body healthy, there seems to be a nutrient that is hardworking and simply overlooked and that’s why I’m here to tell you the truth about magnesium. Check out the label on your “High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral” bottle, now look way down at the bottom, see it? Magnesium. You’ll be delighted to know that this little mineral really packs a whallop!

A recent study at the University of Maryland Medical Center has put together a comprehensive list of study results which outlines the importance of magnesium for every single organ in the body, especially the heart, muscles and kidneys. Every single organ needs magnesium in order to function properly.

The University website offers a list of maladies, that this little nutrient can help to improve, how to take it, what foods are magnesium rich and how to tell if you’re lacking the stuff.

There is also a book out, The Miracle of Magnesium, by Dr. Carol Dean, which lists 22 different health problems caused by magnesium deficiency, 22! everything from asthma, anxiety and panic attacks, blood clots and depression to tooth decay, osteoporosis, and migraine headaches. Who knew?
The reality is that most Americans don’t get enough magnesium in their diets, supplements are good, but it’s better to absorb it from the food you eat like leafy green vegetables, spinach and chard, or nuts like almonds, cashews and pinenuts.

So if you are interested in maintaining a healthy heart, healthy blood pressure levels, and lower your chance of heart attack and stroke, take look at your magnesium intake.

How does it work on these vital organs? It relaxes them while calming and relieving stiff ones that cause those aches and pains. Remember when Mom gave you milk of magnesia when your stomach was upset? Yep, that’s our old friend magnesium going to work to relax your stomach and intestines to keep you calm and help your bowels get on with their job. Magnesium aids in the body’s absorption of calcium too, so your bones and teeth are healthy and strong which helps in the fight against osteoporosis. Amazing isn’t it?
So how do you know if you’re getting enough magnesium?

The recommended daily allowance is 300 to 400 mg for adults and if you look at the label on your vitamin bottle it says 20% of your daily requirement. That’s not enough you need 80% more. It’s easier when absorbed in the food you eat, so eat healthy with magnesium in mind.

Dr. Dean says that if you boost your magnesium intake in a couple of days you can expect to notice some benefits – more energy and healthier looking skin.
One last thing. Magnesium has also been shown to help boost libido. So if foods like spinach are rich in magnesium it could explain where Popeye got his strength, and why Olive was crazy about him!

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