Sit Still, Age Faster and Other News

by DavalosMcCormack on January 29, 2008

If you are sitting at your computer reading this STOP! for god’s sake get up and move around. It’s not that we don’t love you reading our stuff but a new study says people who are physically active may be biologically younger than couch potatoes.

The researchers, from King’s College London, say inactivity makes people predisposed to diseases of aging, while being active seems to help people avoid those diseases and best of all help them avoid premature death.

Now the stuff they are talking about is pretty hard-core science, involving the measurement of leukocyte telomeres and oxidative stress. But the bottom line is get your bottom off your couch, go out, live a little and you may even live a lot longer.

More Bad News About Caffeine

This is not a good month for people who have shares in Starbucks! Last week a study came out saying caffeine can increase a woman’s risk of miscarriage. Now another study says caffeine may be bad for people who have diabetes.

The researchers say caffeine may disrupt the body’s ability to process blood sugar. As diabetics already have big problems keeping control of their blood sugar, anything that adds to those problems isn’t good.

The study found that in a group of people with diabetes their blood sugar rose (on average 8 percent) on days when they had caffeine, compared to days when they didn’t.

Now, this was pretty wacky stuff. They only had ten patients and they measured their blood sugar by putting a sensor in their abdomen and giving them caffeine pills (apparently their budget didn’t extend to a non-fat latte, extra hot, two shots and no foam). But the point is if you have diabetes and are already struggling with your blood sugar, you might want to think about how much caffeine you take in. And not just from coffee. Tea, some sodas, energy drinks, even pain killers contain caffeine so remember to read the label. Cutting out caffeine could make a huge difference.

They just measured caff

You could always switch to decaf!

Breast-Feeding Protects from Asthma

Breast-feeding may help protect you against allergic asthma. Except for one thing. They did the study in mice. And let’s face it. Who wants to breast-feed a mouse!

Why do they waste our time publishing this stuff.

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