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by DavalosMcCormack on January 16, 2008

Want to stick with your new goal of being more active and lose weight without changing your diet? It’s easy. Get a pedometer! Ok, it isn’t quite that easy – but wouldn’t it be nice if it were! Here’s the deal.

Researchers at the University of Michigan Health Systems reviewed nine studies that looked at pedometer-based walking programs. They found that people who use a pedometer were more likely to stick with their walking program, be more active, and even lose a modest amount of weight – all without changing the way they eat.

Not only that, but the increased physical activity helped reduce their risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, and gave them increased stamina.

Want to Quit Smoking – Move to California

If you are trying to quite smoking one of the biggest helps may not be nicotine gum or patches, it may be where you live.

Researchers at U.C. San Diego found that smokers who are trying to quit are more likely to succeed if they live in a city or state that has stricter smoking laws. Stricter than what? Well, in San Francisco you can’t smoke in public buildings, offices, restaurants and bars – even in City-owned parks. In Nevada, you can pretty much smoke anywhere. So, because it’s harder to light up in San Francisco it’s easier to quit.

How does that help you if you live in Nevada? Well, it shows that by changing your environment you can increase the odds of successfully quiting. You may not be able to changes cities or states, but you can do things by stopping smoking in your house, in your office, in your car.

The more places you decide you can’t smoke, the fewer opportunities you have to light up.
Watching What You Eat Helps You See Better

Women who ate a diet with lots of dark, leafy vegetables were less likely to get cataracts.

The study, in the Archives of Opthalmology, found that women whose diet was rich in compounds found in those veggies, including vitamin E, were much less likely to develop cataracts, compared to women who didn’t eat those foods.

So, what does that mean if you are a man? Well, although the study was done in women there’s no reason to believe it doesn’t also apply to men. At the very least it can’t hurt. There are numerous studies showing leafy, green stuff like spinach can boost the immune system, reduce your risk of cancer and keep you regular.

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