Joke to start the New Year

by DavalosMcCormack on January 1, 2008

OK.. As millions of Americans begin 2008 with firm resolve to eat better, exercise regularly, lose weight, get six pack abs, learn Spanish and Swahili and all in all be a better person, here’s a word of caution. Several words actually. Don’t go trying to change too much too quickly. You never know what might happen.

Here’s a joke to make the point.

Fred has decided for his New Year’s Resolution to completely change his way of life. He joins a gym and starts exercising regularly; he starts eating healthy, organic food; he gets out from behind his computer and starts taking walks every day at lunchtime.

After a few months he’s lost 50lbs, cut 4 inches from his waist, buffed up his chest, shoulders and arms and has lost his white pasty complexion in favor of a much healthier looking rosy one.

He decides to finish off his new look with a slick new haircut. As he is leaving the salon he is run over by a garbage truck.

Lying on the ground, dying, he asks “God, why did you do this to me?”

God says “To be honest Fred, I didn’t recognize you!”

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