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by DavalosMcCormack on December 26, 2007

Second-hand Smoke Increases Kids Allergy Risk
For any parent or parent-to-be who is looking for another reason to quit smoking, try this; second-hand smoke in early infancy can increase a child’s risk of developing allergies later in life.

The study, in the journal Thorax, was based on surveys on some 4,000 parents about their children’s allergies and the environmental factors they were exposed to before and after birth.

While there was no evidence that smoking during pregnancy affected a child’s risk of allergies – though clearly it may have had other negative health impacts – there was plenty of evidence that infants exposed to second-hand smoke did suffer more allergies by the time they were four years old.

So, if you smoke and you have kids, guess what your New Year’s Resolution is going to be!

Short Legs Increase Liver Disease Risk

Here’s an odd one. Having short legs may put you at increased risk of liver disease – that’s the long and short of it from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

The study looked at 4,300 British women comparing leg length and levels of four enzymes that are used to measure how healthy the liver is. They found that the longer the leg the less likely the women were to have liver disease, the shorter the leg the more likely.

Now, what you can do with that information is unclear. But if you have short legs you might want to get to over to your doctor, as quickly as your little stumpy legs will carry you, and get tested for liver problems.!

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