What did Mom say about Colds and Flu?

by DavalosMcCormack on November 12, 2007

Hey! What do you really know about colds and flu?

Well, did you know that colds and flu are caused by viruses. Now while your mother probably didn’t sit you down and say “a virus is a minute particle that lives as a parasite in plants and animals”, she probably did tell you how to avoid coming down with one.

In fact, odds are that she told you everything you need to know to prevent cold and flu and, if it’s too late for prevention, how to fight that nasty little virus.

PREVENTION is always the most important way to reduce the chance of getting sick in the first place. So remember what Mom said:

• Wash your hands frequently especially before you eat, after taking public transportation, and during symptoms of cold or flu such as coughing or sneezing
• Go to sleep at a reasonable hour – so your body can regenerate
• If you feel you are coming down with something –REST. Rest strengthens your immune system – give it a chance to fight for you
• Take care to dress for the weather. Cover your head and neck if it is windy or cold. No one says a chill causes a cold but if your body has to strain to keep you warm you may be squandering energy that can be used by your immune system.
• Eat nourishing warm cooked meals several times a day to keep up your strength, that means food that has nutritional value so fast food…soda are not your best choices.
• Include dark leafy greens, yellow-orange red colored vegetables and fruits. Here’s a thought…have some vegetables and fruit whether your coming down with something or not, organic if possible, they bulk up your immune system.
• Practice stress reduction/ relaxation techniques daily. You can do it yourself just take 15 minutes and breathe. Notice your breath as it fills your lungs. Stay focused on your breath bringing your mind back each time in wanders off. Imagine a wonderful place, perhaps a beach, somewhere you would like to go or somewhere you have been and just relax, breath, imagine.
• Avoid direct contact with people who are ill
• If you are sick stay home. Please, do us all a favor, you will recuperate faster and prevent others from catching your illness

SOME STRATEGIES FOR REDUCING SYMPTOMS – (From the Continuum Center for Health and Healing – http://www.healthandhealingny.org/)
For Influenza (Flu) virus
• Oscillococcinum, (homeopathic) one vial of pellets under the tongue three times a day. (Works only in the first two to three days of symptoms—often very effective).
• Elderberry – Elderberry juice syrup (many brands) taken orally may help to reduce the symptoms and duration of Influenza infection.

If you are looking to give your immune system a little boost, to reduce the likelyhood you’ll get sick, or to reduce the duration of the problem if you already have a bug, here are some things you might try.

• Echinacea, three times a day in capsule or tincture form. Some reliable brands are: Esberitox by Enzymatic Therapy; Insure Herbal by Zand, Immunotone by Phytopharmica, and products by Solgar
• Zicam (homeopathic) nasal spray: three times/day
• Zinc lozenges, especially if having sore throat. Use up to three times a day for the first three to four days only.
• Vitamin C 1000 mg. a day total, in divided doses.
• For a Sore Throat: Gargle with Hydrogen peroxide or tea tree oil (dilute with 2-3 parts water, gargle and spit out) or consider using commercial mouthwash such as Tom’s of Maine, or Listerine
• For Headaches, Pain and Fever and muscle/joint aches consider over the counter medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen or Tylenol
• Homeopathy may also work for the above problems, but often needs a specific provider-prescribed remedy.

Finally, remember what Mom said, “Wash those hands, and sit down and eat! Don’t you have enough sense to get out of the rain?”

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