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by DavalosMcCormack on October 22, 2007

Healthy and Simple – Health and wellness news with an attitude!

Have you ever read a newspaper story or online article with a headline proclaiming “Wonder drug cures cancer”, only to find out the study was done in mice, or rats, or fruit flies?

Now, it’s great news that we can cure cancer in fruit flies, but the only reason the flies have cancer is because medical researchers gave it to them! It hardly feels much of an achievement for scientists to claim they can cure a problem that only exists because scientists created it.

That’s why at Healthy & Simple, unless we get complaints from outraged rodents and fruit flies who feel they are being discriminated against, we will only ever report things that affect real people, in the real world. We are qualified professionals who have worked in various aspects of health care reporting for years, and we’d like to pass our information on to you!

We give you all the news that is relevant. We not only tell you what new research says, we’ll also tell you how they did it, what it means for you, and who is behind the research. We show you how new research fits in with previous work, so you can decide if it’s relevant to you, and if there’s enough overall evidence to make you rethink what you do, or how you live your life.

At Healthy & Simple we will never tell you what to think. We just give you the information so you can make up your own mind about what really matters to you!

Who Says?

Shirley Davalos says so. And you don’t want to argue with her! After a long (don’t ask how long) career as an award-winning TV producer and writer she has turned her talents to media consulting and hypnotherapy. Her ultimate goal is to hypnotize TV folk into realizing that they really don’t know it all and that just stringing together random reports of shootings, fires and celebrity gossip really doesn’t make for a very informative newscast. A gal can dream can’t she!

Kevin McCormack, that’s who! Kevin is a veteran Medical Reporter and Producer. He’s has been in the business of researching, reporting and producing medical news and programs for over 20 years in the United States, after working with the BBC in London. He has a sense of awe and humour about the human condition. He now has this forum to inform consumers about health news, and share his knack for separating the news from the headlines.

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