You, Too Can Be A Loser!

by DavalosMcCormack on April 4, 2007

We all know that being overweight or even obese puts us at increased risk of heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more kinds of cancer than you really care to think about. However, there are many other problems that excess weight brings as well, some of them completely unexpected.

Print this list up. Carry it around with you, and every time your mouth is watering at the thought of a double cheese and bacon burger with extra cheese and bacon and a side order of fries, take the list out and look at it. Then, order a salad.

Reasons to shed those extra pounds:

1) You won’t have to struggle to fit into an airline seat or a seat in a movie theater or on the bus. You won’t have to endure stares and whispered remarks from those people sitting next to you who seem to be saying “move over, stop stealing all the space, you are spilling over on my side!”.

2) Be able to buckle up with a seat belt in your car without feeling that it’s so tight it’s trying to slice you in two.

3) Be able to see your feet without having to use a mirror or bend over

4) Able to walk down stairs or even up stairs without feeling and sounding and looking as if you need oxygen to revive you.

5) Better able to buy clothes that fit. If you are a man and buying trousers there is much less risk of the dreaded “butt crack” syndrome where you can’t get trousers that fit properly, and every one gets to see and experience the consequences.

6) Reduce your likelihood of being discriminated against in employment. If you are overweight or obese studies show you are less likely to get a job and less likely to be promoted once hired; you are discriminated against in education, access to public accommodations and access to medical care.

7) You will reduce your susceptibility to pain. A study by researchers at Ohio State University found that people who are obese have a greater sensitivity to pain compared to people who are not obese. This may result in obese people limiting the kinds of activities that would help them lose weight, such as walking, exercising etc, because those activities cause pain to overburdened joints.

8) You can reduce your risk of dying in a car crash. Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin Injury Research Center in Milwaukee (sounds like a fun place to work) found that obese men are more likely to die in auto accidents than non-obese men. However, the researchers also found that being very slim also increased your risk of dying in a car crash. So, don’t lose too much weight ok!

9) If you are overweight or obese you are more likely to be turned down for health insurance, even if you are in good health. Insurance companies use height/weight tables as one measure of your risk factors for health problems. If you don’t fit on that scale then they may reject you. Too much fat, apparently, is considered a pre-existing condition even if you don’t have any pre-existing conditions. Even if you do get coverage, it may cost you more than for a person with similar health history, but lower body weight. And as if that’s not bad enough, Medicare recently changed its declaration that obesity is not a disease.

10) Oh, come on…do you really need a 10th reason?

And one last thing. Here are some words to watch out for when you are trying to lose weight. These tend to suggest whatever you’re about to try is promising more than it can deliver. If you see these in an ad or on a product don’t buy whatever it is they are selling because the chances are the only thing you will lose is your money.
• Breakthrough
• Easy
• Effortless
• Fast Guaranteed
• Magical
• Quick
• New
• Discovery
• Immediate
• Miracle Cure

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